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Policy Hub

Independent historic houses are at the heart of Britain's thriving tourism industry - attracting visitors from around the world, generating jobs and catalysing fragile rural economies.
The HHA represents over 1,600 independent historic houses and advocates on their behalf, working with government and politicians at national, regional, local and European levels. We lobby for a fiscal, regulatory and business environment in which this country's unique historic houses can thrive for the benefit of the nation.
HHA houses, castles and gardens drive economic growth in the regions and act as lynchpins for communities across the country - as tourist attractions, local employers, business hubs or local landmarks. A whopping 26 million annual visits to HHA places generate £1 billion for the economy, two thirds of which is spent 'off site' in local towns and villages - providing essential revenue for fragile rural economies.

Our key message to policymakers is that the economic, social and cultural contribution of HHA places could be even greater if government would take action to improve the fiscal, regulatory and business conditions in which they operate by:
  • Removing the tax burden on Heritage Maintenance Funds
  • Reviewing the VAT regime to remove or reduce taxation on the repair, maintenance and alteration of listed buildings
  • Streamlining specific elements of the heritage protection and planning systems
  • Improving business and marketing conditions for rural tourism businesses, including addressing digital infrastructure and rural transport barriers 
Given the right conditions, HHA places can play a key role in the success of the nation post-Brexit - economically, socially and culturally.