Paxton House

Paxton House, in the Scottish Borders, was built between 1758 and 1763 to a design by John Adam for Patrick Home of Billie.
The house was sold in 1769 to Patrick’s cousin Ninian Home, who owned two sugar plantations on the island of Grenada,
one at Waltham on the west coast, and one at Paraclete on the east. Ninian Home employed Thomas Chippendale, both
senior and junior, to furnish the house, which currently holds  the largest collection of Chippendale furniture in Scotland on
view to the public.

The Home of Wedderburn Papers, deposited in the National  Archives of Scotland by the Home Robertson family, is one of
the most complete country house archives in Scotland.  Among the papers are some 2,000 documents relating to the
Grenada properties from the 1760s until the 1840s when the  plantations were sold.  During that period there was a steady stream of  correspondence between Grenada and Paxton, and a wealth of  documents about the plantations and the slaves.

For 2007, the Paxton Trust has obtained a Heritage Lottery  Grant to digitise all the documents relating to Grenada, so that
they be made more available to researchers and also so that the archives on Grenada may have easy access to this aspect of
their heritage.

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