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Property Membership

£137.00 Non-open houses

£175.36 Open houses plus a visitor element

£230.16 Houses offering accommodation, wedding or conference facilities

Private owners of houses and gardens throughout Britain and Northern Ireland including corporate, charitable and institutional bodies may join us as Full Members. The properties should be architecturally important, most often containing historically associated contents, and will generally be listed Grade I, II* or II. Owners of open properties where the garden is the principal feature may join the Association irrespective of whether the house is listed. Exceptionally, owners of important collections of works of art which are housed in properties which are not listed may be considered for membership at the discretion of the Council.

Full Members benefit from the Association's work on their behalf in representing the interests of private owners of historic properties. See our full list of Member Services. The HHA works for beneficial political and economic circumstances on all issues that affect private ownership and the conservation of houses, their contents and the gardens which surround them. The Association actively maintains all party contacts in both Houses of Parliament, Whitehall departments, especially HMRC, HM Treasury, DCMS, DCLG, Defra and the Home Office, the Scottish Parliament, Welsh Assembly and regional Government offices, regional historic environment forums and tourism bodies. We make regular submissions to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and other Ministers and we respond to consultation papers which affect Members' interests.

Members also benefit from the HHA's Advisory Services through its expert Committees, Technical Adviser and other specialist advisers covering Tax, Security and Access. A set of HHA Advisory Manuals is  sent to all Members on joining and updates circulated regularly. In addition, Members can gain access to the Members' Pages of this website which have special news updates, Casebook studies, survey information, a Members' Forum, and further advice and guidance. The Association's quarterly magazine Historic House also contains up to date advice, comment and articles on a range of aspects of interest. Members are invited to a series of seminars each year and to the Annual General Meeting in November as well as their individual Regional AGM and other Regional Meetings.

Annual subscriptions are based on a scale of charges from a non open house or garden (or one where all proceeds go to charity) through to a visitor number related charge for open houses. Members with houses or gardens which are regularly open to the public will normally, after their initial year of membership, be asked to offer free access to HHA membership card holders (a rebate scheme is in operation).

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