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Explorer Trails

Our online Explorer Trails link HHA properties that share a particular theme. Click on the buttons below to find a map of properties with links to royalty or weird and wonderful sports and games.

Once the map appears, click on the pins to get details of the story at each property. You can download the text which prints off the venue address and sat nav details should you wish to visit. Don't forget to check opening times

Wartime Trail
Explore which HHA property was home to the last surviving war horse from WW1, or was converted to a military hospital by a Duchess who acted as Officer in Charge or was even used as a secret US naval marine camp in WWII.
Games Trail
Find out who broke the world water speed record in 1906 with a top speed of 31mph, which house was home to an Olympic Gold Medal winner, where the World Caber Tossing Championships are held, and which property hosts a popular annual duck race!
Royalty Trail
Discover which Hall was home to the mistress of King George IV; which house is haunted by the ghost of King Charles I; which property inspired Queen Victoria to build Balmoral; which castle has its own private army; and where King Edward II met his murky end with a red hot poker.
Great British Art Trail
Discover which property is home to the only surviving example of a female nude by Velázquez, or which property features a fountain based on an original by Bernini still in the Piazza Navona in Rome and find out which property has collection of carved figures and forms created by local carvers with wood from its own estate.
Ghostly and Gruesome Trail
Step inside the mysterious world of our historic houses, where everything is not always as it seems. Can you handle these gruesome tales of murder, war and death? Are you brave enough to enter some of Britain’s most haunted locations? Where grey ladies, religious spectres and historic figures roam, refusing to leave the houses they once lived in. We dare you to join us on this Ghostly and Gruesome Trail!
Capability Brown Trail
2016 is the 300th anniversary of the birth of Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown, the landscape designer who shaped the way we picture the English countryside. The HHA represents 1/3 of all Brown’s sites, this trail explores some of these. Discover Brown’s birthplace, some of his most famous landscapes and his more rare architectural work on this commemorative trail.

Literary Trail
2017 is the "Year of Literary Heroes" and over 40 HHA houses have links to these heroes, to famous books and plays, and to modern day authors. Perhaps you’ll be shown around by a descendant of one of the greats? Maybe the author will sign your book? Can you find the desk that your favourite novel was written at? Read the tales and explore these special places!