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Heritage Conservation Trust

The HHA supports the work of the Heritage Conservation Trust which assists historic houses and gardens open to the public. The HCT gives grants for three purposes:

  • The conservation, maintenance and restoration of works of art and objects of outstanding artistic, scientific and historic interest
  • Educational, access and training initiatives in and about historic houses and gardens
  • Research projects linked closely to the conservation of the historic or artistic contents of houses

The Heritage Conservation Trust (HCT) was created as a charity in 1990 on the initiative of historic house owners and during its life so far, has focused on the first of its purposes, assisting the restoration of paintings and drawings in some fifty historic houses, open to the public, with some £280,000 of grant aid.    Recently, the HCT has decided that it should seek to develop its existing objects and to encourage access, education and research initiatives in historic properties, alongside its continuing work to assist restoration of works of art.

The HCT’s own resources have continued to be limited due to low interest rates. However, generous donations, from individuals, the organisers of the annual Cornforth Lectures hosted by Christie’s, regional groups of the Friends of the HHA and HHA Regions themselves have continued to boost its activities. The Trust is dependent on these for its future development.

Get in touch

If you would like to support the work of the Heritage Conservation Trust, or if you are interested in applying for a grant, please visit the Trust's brand new Website or email the Secretary