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Regional Chairmen's Forum

Chairman:  James Birch, President of the HHA

Cumbria: Iona Frost-Pennington

East Anglia: William Bevan

East Midlands: Teri-Lee Wagstaff

Heart of England: Michael Fetherston-Dilke

North West: Sarah Callander Beckett

Northumbria: Michael Craster

South East: Duncan Leslie

Thames & Chilterns: The Earl of Carnarvon

Wessex: Charles Eden

Yorkshire:  The Hon William Hotham

Scotland: The Earl of Hopetoun

Wales: Michael Tree

Northern Ireland: Gavin Mackie 

The Forum formed in 2000 in response to the devolution of Government within the United Kingdom. 13 HHA Regional Chairmen, or their alternates (the region's Deputy Chairmen), meet regularly to exchange information on matters affecting HHA Members at regional level and to advise the Officers and Director General on the formulation and implementation of national policies, taking account of their impacts at regional level.

The Regional Chairmen lead the HHA in the region, often supported by a regional tourism representative and a representative on the regional Historic Environment Forum.  HHA Regions hold regional meetings, and in particular the Regional Annual General Meeting, which is an opportunity for a large number of house-owning Members and Friends to meet in a Member's house and set the direction for the Association's work in the forthcoming year.

In addition to this the HHA Regional Chairmen meet regularly with their equivalents in the National Trust, English Heritage and the Country Land and Business Association - or their equivalents across the UK - to monitor threats and opportunities within each region.