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HHA Governance

The HHA is governed by a Council which reviews, quarterly, actions taken and strategic proposals made by a Board of Directors, which is responsible for taking decisions on the policy, finances and relations with the membership. The President of the HHA chairs the Council and the Board. He or she is elected or re-elected at the Annual General Meeting. The AGM also elects two of the other Officers of the association, the Deputy President and Honorary Treasurer, for the ensuing year.  By custom the AGM adopts the accounts and appoints auditors.  The AGM also sets membership subscription rates.  The President is the face of the HHA, both to the outside world and to HHA Members.  The President leads the association in its lobbying.

Day to day running of the HHA is led by the Director General, supported by a small but expert staff team. This team advises the Officers of the HHA, the Board and the Council.

Two other committees report to the Board, the Taxation and Political Committee and the Tourism and Commercial Development Committee.

These committees draw upon the considerable expertise and experience of HHA's Members.

The Council, Board and each of these committees meet quarterly.

In addition, the Chairmen of HHA's Regions, who are elected at the Regional AGMs, come together with the President and senior staff before Council meetings, in the Regional Chairmen's Forum. This meeting helps the HHA to take account of what is happening in the regions in the formulation of national policy, and enables our London-based officers and staff to brief our regional representatives on developments at national level. 

A growing Next Generation Group supports the Next Generation Chairman who leads our work to brief, engage, entertain and inform our Next Generation Members, individuals who expect to succeed to the ownership and management of HHA Member houses.