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Fri 29th September 2017
Painting Pop's final call at Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Cumbria

Abbot Hall Art Gallery's hugely successful summer exhibition, that celebrates 1960s British Pop Art, will close on 7 October.

Visitors have been inspired by the stunning set of paintings by the iconic artists including  Sir Peter Blake, David Hockney, Richard Hamilton and Pauline Boty.  This must-see exhibition has been a huge hit with visitors since opening in mid July, with more than 1000 comments left on a memory wall of the 1960’s in the gallery.

Helen Watson, Director of Programming at Lakeland Arts said: “Painting Pop has been a great success for Abbot Hall. Bringing together these outstanding paintings has awoken memories of the sixties era for our visitors. There are a few more weeks left of the exhibition so it's the last chance to see these stunning works and relive this life changing time period."

Part of the exhibition includes a specially recreated 1960s living room and items from this treasure trove of nostalgia are up for sale. Visitors can snap up everything from the room’s cocktail cabinet to a set of Babycham glasses to the actual armchair from the show. In total 20 items are up for grabs - giving people the opportunity to own a vintage piece of furniture from Abbot Hall’s popular exhibition.

Helen added: "We developed the 1960s style living room as part of the exhibition for visitors to immerse themselves in the swinging sixties. We thought we’d give people the opportunity to take their experience a step further by actually owning an item from the 1960s living room.”

Visitors must leave their order with the gallery’s front desk - and it will be made available once the exhibition closes on 7th October.

Painting Pop includes work by Sir Peter Blake, Pauline Boty, Patrick Caulfield, Richard Hamilton, David Hockney and Allen Jones borrowed from major collections such as Tate, National Portrait Gallery and Government Art Collection.

The exhibition is a colourful and striking celebration of British Pop painting. It focuses on the period around 1962, a pivotal year for Pop Art in Britain.

Painting Pop continues Abbot Hall’s long-standing reputation for bringing artworks rarely seen before in the North West. To complement Painting Pop Abbot Hall is showing the complete series of A Rakes Progress developed by David Hockney, one of the most influential British artists of the twentiethof the twentieth century.