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Thu 13th July 2017
Interactive sculptures at Haddon Hall, Derbyshire

An exhibition of interactive sculptures by the highly-regarded sculptor, Nik Ramage, will open on August 1st at Haddon Hall in the Peak District.

Taking inspiration from the centuries of history ingrained in the hall, in the nooks and crannies of each room, the Shadows and Whispers exhibition brings together misaligned machines which celebrate the uncertain and odd and blurs the lines between past and present, inviting and encouraging visitors to seek out sculptures trying to attune to their surroundings.

Shadows and Whispers has been designed to align with the spirit of Haddon. Walking machines shall promenade the Long Gallery; a chair cut in half but still standing, has been paired with tapestry fragments burnt but not destroyed during the hall’s restoration; and a solar system orrery has been re-crafted to spin punctuation and subtly placed in the Tudor parlour, where the Tudor and Elizabethan family would have enjoyed reading. 

The intention is to create pieces that delight but also ignite the visitor’s curiosity, with each sculpture encouraging the viewer to look closely at its elements and question why it has been placed in its context within the hall. 

Well-established in his field, Nik Ramage focuses on using garden shed technology to make machines that have drifted away from their primary utility and objects that have forgotten their purpose.

Shadows and Whispers runs from August 1st to September 30th. Find out more on their website.