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Wed 6th September 2017
Fluffy endangered red panda moves to Woburn and gets a gal pal!

Gorgeous, endangered red panda ‘Mambo’ has arrived at Woburn Safari Park’s plush new pad, and found herself a furry new friend.

Woburn Safari Park welcomes adorable Mambo, the second female red panda to move into a plush new pad in the Animal Encounters area of the Foot Safari.

Here, she has started a special new friendship with fluffy gal pal, Mali, who arrived at Woburn in July, and together they are the Bedfordshire Park's newest residents this summer.

According to keepers, the cuddly companions are two of a kind and have been relishing each other's company as they explore their new deluxe house.

Laura Ashton, Senior Keeper at Woburn Safari Park said: Mambo's first instinct was to explore her new home straight away, and we can tell that she is already very relaxed. Naturally, they were a bit wary of each other at first but now that Mambo has settled in, they are getting closer every day.

Named after red pandas’ place of origin, the ‘Himalayan Heights’ enclosure has a waterfall, a choice of outdoor nest boxes, a multitude of climbing frames, a small bamboo plantation as a source of readily available food, and a walkway so that the bachelorettes can travel right over the visitors’ heads to access the indoor enclosure.

Woburn’s keepers also have more good news to look forward to, as a third female will join the group later this summer, to form a bestie bachelorette group.

Once they are old enough, the furry three will be part of the EEP (European Endangered Species Programmes) breeding programme.  Conservation of this beautiful but endangered species is crucial, as there are now believed to be only around 2,500 red pandas left in the wild.

Their survival is under threat, mainly because of habitat destruction due to deforestation.