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Tue 16th May 2017
Burton Constable Carved Room restoration project

With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund and The Pilgrim Trust Burton Constable are 'reviving' the derelict Carved Room to its former glory as a splendid eighteenth-century Gentleman's Cabinet Room.

The Carved Room has a fascinating history and derives its name from the elaborately carved panelling that was installed throughout the room in the early eighteenth century. Located in the North Wing it once formed the basement room of the brick tower built as part of the manor house in the late fifteenth century.

In the 1560's Sir John Constable embarked on the construction of the Elizabethan mansion that stands today, incorporating part of the existing manor house that included the North Wing tower. Shortly after a brick vaulted ceiling was added to the room along with an iron door to create a fireproof Evidence (Muniment) Room. It was probably in the 1690's that the 4th Viscount Dunbar installed a 'new' sash window (the earliest surviving example of a double sliding sash that has been identified in England) and an elaborate plaster ceiling in this room, apparently with the aim of creating a Baroque cabinet. However, it was not until c. 1730 that the room was finally completed with green and gilt carved panelling.

Throughout the eighteenth century the room continued to be used as 'William Constable's Cabinet' and housed some of his collection of curiosities. Sadly, due to changes in the social arrangement of the household, by the end of the nineteenth century the room had become a servant's sitting room. In c. 1900 a kitchen range was installed together with a flat plaster ceiling, whilst the elaborate panelling was painted over in white. Then, in the 1980's the room formed part of a modern kitchen arrangement to serve the corporate events taking place in the house.

Restoring the important historic interior of the Carved Room has been on the agenda since the establishment of the Burton Constable Foundation in 1992.

"The Carved Room interiors are of great architectural significance in the region and its restoration is an important aspect of the work we do preserving Burton Constable for future generations. After many years of painstaking research and planning we are delighted that the restoration work is now well underway."

 David Connell, Director of the Burton Constable Foundation

Burton Constable grounds, stables, tea room & gift shop are open daily 18 March – 20 December 2017.

Burton Constable Hall is 0pen Daily 15 April - 29 October (closed Fridays except July & August) 2017.