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Welcoming all

HHA Members welcome visitors with all kinds of disabilities, and are required by the Equality Act 2010 to ensure a good degree of access. Access audits have been carried out at  HHA Members' properties to provide advice on access for people with disabilities- be they visitors, guests at functions or employees. 

The Access Audits are intended to enable owners and managers to plan and budget for necessary adjustments to comply with the requirements of the Act, and ensure that relevant health and safety measures are taken.

Visitors with disabilities are advised, where possible, to contact HHA properties in advance of a visit, so that they may talk through any issues beforehand. For HHA Friends with disabilities, the HHA offers a complimentary free entry card for an essential companion or carer.

The HHA is a corporate member of OpenBritain, the largest leisure time information resource in the UK for all those with access needs.

Members can access detailed guidance on accessibility policies and issues and seek bespoke accessibility advice by logging in to the Members' section of the website. Alternatively, contact Chester Street.