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Board of Directors

Chairman: Richard Compton, President of the HHA

James Birch, Deputy President of the HHA
William Parente, Honorary Treasurer of the HHA
Penelope, Viscountess Cobham
Sir Richard FitzHerbert Bt
David Fursdon
Alexander Hay of Duns, Chairman, HHA Scotland
The Hon Simon Howard
Lord Inglewood
Martha Lytton Cobbold, Chairman, HHA Tourism and Commercial Development Committee
Michael More-Molyneux
James Saunders Watson
Sir James Scott, Chairman, HHA Taxation and Political Committee 
Ben Cowell, Director General of the HHA

The Board of Directors (Board) comprises: (a) seven ex officio members, i.e: three Officers of the Association (President, Deputy President and Honorary Treasurer), the chairmen of the Taxation and Policy, and Tourism and Commercial Development Committees, the chairman of HHA Scotland and the Director General; together with: (b), from November 2010, up to four members to be elected by the Council annually (each to serve a three year term, renewable once); and (c) up to three co-opted members, who need not be Members of the HHA.

Guided by the President and the Director General, the Board takes decisions on the external polices of the HHA, the strategic development of the association and the financial management of the organisation.

The Board reports quarterly to the Council of the HHA, which reviews the Board's actions and may request it to revisit its decisions or reconsider its proposals.