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Facts and Figures

300,000 school visits take place annually at HHA houses.
The HHA represents over 1600 historic houses and gardens throughout the UK.
HHA Houses welcome over 24 million visitors each year.
HHA Houses generate 41,000 Full Time Equivalent jobs in direct or induced employment, injecting £286m per year into the economy. And that is not counting the many thousands more working in businesses located on historic houses estates that are not related to the house itself. Those enterprises range from film production companies to travel agencies to marketing companies to manufacturing businesses.
60% of the 1,629 historic houses and gardens in the HHA's membership welcome visitors through day visiting, special tours, weddings or other special events.
More than £1 billion is spent in the economy as a result of visits to HHA Houses alone, two-thirds of it off-site in the local economies surrounding HHA houses.
Historic houses and gardens are centres for culture in our countryside - hosting plays, art installations, concerts and recitals. One even doubles as a winter cinema. In rural areas, where cultural opportunities are less accessible, this is a crucial service, and is on top of their national role as the guardians of unique collections of art, ceramics, furniture and textiles.
Historic houses and gardens create volunteering opportunities: 22,000 volunteer days so far, and rising.
The backlog of urgent repairs at privately-owned historic houses - currently standing at £500 million - continues to rise. With each passing year there will be new demands - the rocketing estimates for restoration of the Houses of Parliament show how costs escalate when action is delayed.
The HHA has over 48,000 active subscribing supporters known as Friends.