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Supporting Britain's privately owned historic houses, castles and gardens - and helping visitors to enjoy them!

Hundreds of Houses and Gardens to visit

Hundreds of the most beautiful historic houses, castles and gardens in Britain are still privately-owned family homes. Now you can uncover the secrets and stories of the families who have lived in these special places – and get a glimpse into the lives of those who still do.

The HHA represents more properties open to the public than the National Trust and English Heritage put together and we welcome around 13 million visitors a year. Search for a place to visit, find a fabulous wedding venue or seek out a unique place to stay. You don't have to join us to enjoy visiting these beautiful places but for a small fee you can visit as many as you like for free! Join Now 

Did you know?
The backlog of urgent repairs at privately-owned historic houses - currently standing at £500 million - continues to rise. With each passing year there will be new demands - the rocketing estimates for restoration of the Houses of Parliament show how costs escalate when action is delayed.
Did you know?
300,000 school visits take place annually at HHA houses.